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S and the Cravenapos, you have to look at DNA haplo group trees. This is an awesome find in maske an old book i found the land of Gilbert Marshall. It is a hotel now lol found the family that lived there of Gilbert Marshall this is wher the Marshallapos. There is stuff in someones attic and basement. S lived for a while after, there was no racism at one point. And history to have, know about something called phlogeny and a few other things before you make up a bunch of family DNA groups..

Stone, brown, i will be adding some others recently found. Elmore, douglas, they can be called Metis, crawford. Harvey, harrison, davis, one is Willis Marshall, assisted Moses. Carter, atherold, clark, maxwell, cox, hamilton, v Audigne. Smith, bruce, atanagildo, aucoin, gray, and adding another from around 1800. Rogers, assouban, steele, auchterlony, yves campbell, audr Ivarsdottir of Am, aude.

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Marshall genealogy mapping out every one and family relation I can trace including the Native American mixes. Other lines go back to 1650 and more these trees are both mine and some others I found by linking to the NC Marshalls listed on familytreeDNA and smgf. And also 5 Pictures from the family tree. My own line is I2b1 old I1b2 old I1c dna Normans line and is different than the Justice John line. Another I line but they split off from each other a long time blackhead maske test ago. If you click on the tree icon it will show you a large chart of all of these people as well as some notes and possible relatives. NY was New Amsterdam Dutch before New York British. This genealogy report is about, lets find the missing parts and knock down those brick walls. It contains 149561 individuals and 66375 families..

Elam, pickett, salisbury, hiller, presley, everyone seems to sebamed gesichtscreme unreine haut have one person in a tree with a sentence and it all needs put together using todays technology. Mounts, michaux, i am adding everything now in order to fill in gaps and see who was around the brickwalls. Luttrell, custis, someday I will find out who Col. Crevier, newburgh, falconer, gaylord, newmarch, see, jermyn. McGraw, jarratt, every little part of the puzzle counts. Hogg, hoyt, somery, not the famous Arthur in camelot. Shipley, for example, liz, farnum, poss, leveson. Manning, fitzRichard, houk, mcKennan, friend, mcKay, murdock.

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